J&J Technologies serves a diverse range of customers within the industrial sector. We partner with them to ensure that their electronic and mechanical assemblies are built according to their custom product specifications and global industry standards. Our team maintains high-quality workmanship and inspection throughout manufacturing to meet or exceed expectations.

The work that we do is designed to help our customers achieve their goals, ranging from individual printed circuit boards and prototyping runs to fully assembled, tested and certified products and systems. Contact our team directly to learn more about the industrial products that we manufacture and the services available for electronic manufacturing and electro-mechanical assembly.


Our team partners with each customer to provide them with advanced, experienced, and flexible services that will help them make strategic advances and stand out from the competition. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled technicians, we have the ability to deliver effective and efficient commercial electro-mechanical assembly and electronic manufacturing services designed to quickly get quality products to market.

At J&J Technologies, we manufacture commercial printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies and products that are designed for a wide range of commercial uses. Consumer devices, commercial products, and aftermarket electronics are just some of the projects that we have completed for our customers over the years. Contact our team for more information about our experience in commercial manufacturing.


J&J Technologies is proud to work with the US armed forces for the manufacture of critical products, devices, and applications. Our experience in this area has helped us to gain insight and knowledge into the demands of this unique market, increasing our ability to provide high-quality, industry standard, and efficient manufacturing for all customers.

The manufacturing processes that we provide to our military and defense customers are designed to manufacture printed circuit boards, assemblies and complete systems that are compliant with today's industry standards. Our team has developed every stage of the process to ensure that our customers are able to achieve their goals. The certifications and registrations required to maintain compliance through manufacturing and inspection are essential to our success in this industry.

We provide a comprehensive inspection of all materials and components, labeling them for accurate tracking throughout the entire process. This helps us to confirm that the components received are in accordance with the requirements of the customer and industry regulations. In addition to traceability, documentation control is also an essential part of the services that we provide to our military customers.